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 Prentice tells us his next move after the release of his new single "swagoo"

In today's world of music there's a huge pool of starving artist everywhere. Spotted at a art gallery in downtown LA rocking a red snap back and white collard shirt, we crossed paths with rapper Prentice to talk about his most recent single Swagoo and what's his next move since the release. As some of you may know, Prentice recently shook up the internet with his new single swagoo.

The song swagoo is followed by a music video with several characters that Prentice portrays.

What inspired the video? "I been seeing that people are becoming less creative with their music videos and I wanted to take a different aim at things and bring creativity back. (Prentice)

What is your goal as an artist? "When people hear my music I want them not only to just view it as music but therapy in a sense. (Prentice) What separates you from other undiscovered artist? I'm like a jack of all trades who can do multiple things and I don't limit myself to just rapping I also can sing and write my own hooks in addition to doing graphic design for my artwork. (Prentice)

Swagoo has been geting some really good feeback what's next after this? "Im currently working on a new single entitled "In my bag" followed by a music video dropping soon.